‘The rich and varied curriculum which includes trips outside the school, visitors to the school and many activities around the community and local area, results in high-quality work which is evident around the school.’ Ofsted

We are very proud of our curriculum. It fosters a love of learning and great skills. The 5Rs for life-long learning, which are Readiness, Resourcefulness, Remembering, Resilience and Reflectiveness underpin our curriculum and are evident throughout each subject and learning activity. They teach children how to be effective learners along with our over-arching Christian School value of Respect.

Our clear and most important foci are the National Curriculum core subjects of  Literacy, Maths and Science.  In our distinctively Christian school we, also hold, in high status the teaching and learning of RE. The opportunites this provides to learn about the Christian Faith and beliefs, as well as those of other religions and cultures, add a special dimension to our learning.

Reading is our passion. We aim to foster a love of literature amongst our children with a wide and exciting range of genres, including the use of various reading schemes. The children read individually and in guided reading groups to class teachers and other adults in school. Our Phonics programme is called Letters and Sounds and is taught daily. We love to write – stories, poems, lists, recipes, biographies and more. We provide wonderful opportunities to inspire the children’s creative writing. We are also very proud of our cursive handwriting and presentation and the children work hard to keep it neat and of a high standard.

In Maths and Science our focus is ensuring the children have the key skills such as problem solving, questioning and investigation as well as a strong knowledge base from which to apply their skills.

All the other primary subjects are an important feature of our curriculum. We strive to make our curriculum rich, interesting and relevant for all our pupils through our creative curriculum and ensure that it provides wonderful opportunities to enhance the children’s learning.

Our Curriculum planning gives a wonderful flavour of the children’s learning journey through the school. We have  developed our curriculum and assessment in line with the new National Curriculum (2014). We have carefully cross-referenced our planning to ensure that children in mixed-age classes are taught the age-related curriculum.

Primary National Curriculum Framework

We have mixed age classes at Puttenham, which are well-established and effective as shown by our achievements. Teachers ensure through careful and differentiated planning that the learning needs of all our pupils are met.