Assessment is continuous and ongoing at Puttenham. It informs the teacher about next steps needed for each child’s learning and therefore is used as a basis for lesson planning.

At Puttenham we are committed to assessment for learning strategies, through which the teacher’s feedback and marking enables the child to reflect about and improve his or her own learning.

Teachers assess children’s progress against the descriptors of the Early Years Profiles for reception and the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1. For assessment in RE we use the Guildford Dioceses schemes of work descriptors.

Key Formal Assessments are:

Early Years Foundation Stage – summative assessment at the end of reception.

Year 1 Phonics Screening – summative assessment at the end of year 1.

Key Stage 1 SATS – summative assessment at the end of year 2.

Information leaflet for parents

Y2 SATs and ESB talk

Reporting to Parents

At Puttenham we have 2 formal timetabled parent – teacher meetings scheduled each year, which are usually in the second half of the autumn and spring terms. Please note class teachers are always happy to meet with parents at other times in the year as needed.

Mid-year reports outlining current levels and targets for children are written in February.

Detailed end of year summative reports are written in July.