How to help your child

At Puttenham we believe that the school works in partnership with parents to encourage and facilitate the best learning opportunities for children. We have listed ideas and guidelines for you to support your child at home as well as brief outlines of how we teach some subjects. If you wish to know more please do ask.

The Best Way!

The best way any parent can help their child is to talk with them and nurture their learning through listening and asking questions.

At school we encourage all our children to learn to be learners by using the 5Rs of learning – being ready, being resourceful, being reflective, being able to remember and being resilient. You may like to look at the ideas on the link below.

Our 5Rs for effective learners

The 5Rs are a learning approach to enable children to become life-long learners. They are to be ready, to remember, to reflect, to  be resilient and to be resourceful. We use the characters of Winnie the Pooh and friends to help us with the 5Rs

Our 5Rs for Learning



Maths Booklet 2017


Do look out for your child’s colour coded book mark with key questions and pointers for how you can help your children read.

When your child starts a new book band he/she will be given a new book mark.

Time to Read – a guide for parents

Questions to ask during reading

Phonics and Grammar

Phonics Workshop for Parents

Simple Guide to Grammar



E-Safety workshop for parents

DigiDuck-eBook ict safety