Information for new parents

New Starter Information Pack

New Starter Forms

In order to make your child’s start to school as happy and reassuring as possible we have outlined things that you will need to know.


When acceptances are confirmed by Surrey Admissions we send all new parents information about the class their child will be in and the names of their class teachers. We invite all new children to several class induction visits in the summer term as well as holding a welcome evening for parents to come and meet the headteacher, staff and other new parents.

We ask parents to give us permission to contact and visit their child’s pre-school setting or nursery so that the class teacher can visit the child and meet with the nursery teacher.

In September class teachers make home visits before children start school. We encourage all parents to sign up for this. It is an invaluable opportunity for the child to renew their acquaintance with their teacher and her assistant before they start school and for parents to have individual time to ask questions.

We stagger the start of school for new children so that they become familiar with the routine in small groups, which is more reassuring for them. Parents are given details of days and  times in advance.

Times of the school day

  • 8.30am Class door opens
  • 8.40am School starts – Registration. Please contact the school office by 9.00am if your child will be absent.
  • 12.00 -1.10pm Lunchtime
  • 3.00pm End of school


Healthy and nutritious school lunches are cooked and served in Marwick Hall. The additional benefit of having school dinners is that children are encouraged to have good table manners and try new foods.   99% of Puttenham children have school dinners. Following a  government initiative school dinners are free for infant school children.

Your child may bring a healthy packed lunch.

My school lunch link

How you can help your child be ready for school

Before starting school there are a few things you can help to encourage their independence.

1. Teach them how to get dressed including being able to put their coat on and do up the zip.

2. Teach them to use a knife and fork.

3. Ensure they can use the toilet on their own and remember to wash their hands.

4. Enjoy sharing books, telling stories and singing nursery rhymes together.

What your child needs to bring to school

1. A suitable coat for the season. (We play out in all weathers)

2. A raincoat or pac-a-mac to be left in school on their peg.

3. A named water bottle.

4. School bookbag

5. A sunhat on sunny days. (Please apply a high factor suncream before your child comes to school)

6. PE bag after every holiday. (We send them home every half term for a wash)


Your child does not need a pencil case.


In order to keep our children and families safe the key rules are:-

  • No driving up School Lane after 8.30 am
  • Drivers may come up the lane before 8.30 and then park and stay, preferably until 8.40am
  • Park considerately – reverse into all available spaces
  • Use the field car park if possible (by the skate park)
  • If you need to make a quick getaway please park on The Street or make alternative arrangements such as car sharing
  • Children must walk with their parents on the lane

We all know that children and cars don’t mix and with a little thought, courtesy and consideration things should run smoothly and safely.


We have an open door policy at Puttenham School as our first concern is your child. A good relationship between parents and staff is essential. Please do keep us informed of any concerns you have.

Please bear in mind that the start of the day is very busy for class teachers but at Puttenham our teachers are always happy to make an appointment to see you later if more time is needed.

Keeping your contact and child’s details updated

Please do keep us informed of any changes to contact or medical details.