PSA Information

PSA Committee 2018-2019

Co-Chairs  – Ben Connolly, Laura Oliver and Sophie Southwood

Secretary  -  Tim Shaw

Treasurer  -  Claire Connolly

We are very ably supported by a group of parents who sit on our core committee.  They organise events and do what else they can to support the PSA such as coming along to meetings, helping out with coffee mornings and sharing information from the PSA with other parents.  If you’d be interested in joining the committee please drop us a line. However big or small your contribution to the PSA we’d be delighted to have you on board. To contact the PSA please email

Each class has representatives from the PSA committee who are responsible for

  • Collating and distributing a class list of parent contact details
  • Communicating information from the PSA to their classes via email
  • Organising class social activities

Hedgehog –Sophie Wooliscroft and Emma Greenwood

Rabbit – Christie Joyce and Wendy Howell

Fox – Bonnie Morris and Holly Cook

Otter –Stephanie Smith and Laura Oliver