School Community

‘Our community is important to us and we are important to our community.’

Our school does not stand alone in isolation but is part of a bigger and interlinked school community made up of groups in school such as our school council, as well as groups outside school such as Puttenham village, our four united Parishes, other schools such as our feeder school Waverley Abbey Junior School, our Church and our School Association (PSA).

Our parents, children, staff and governors come together to make our school a happy, safe and beautiful place to be. Several times a year we work together on Groundforce days to tidy up the school grounds.

ground force day 2014 003

Puttenham Village and the Parish of Seale and Sands, Wanborough and Puttenham

Puttenham School is in a central position in the village of Puttenham and has very strong links with its local community. The school values the support of individuals and groups in the village and it strives to play a big part in local activities. There have been generation of Puttenham villagers who have attended our school which contributes to making us a special and family-like school with a rich local history.

We are within the Parish of Seale and Sands, Wanborough and Puttenham and work together with our local Parish councils to ensure that the lives of our children are happy and safe.

The Farnham Schools Confederation

Puttenham School is part of the Farnham Schools Confederation. This is a group of schools in the area, who mutually support each other. The key foci of the group is supporting each other with training of teachers, developing learning for groups of children such as SEN and gifted and talented children and transition for children to move onto their next schools. An example of this is the sports and music festivals organised for year 2 children at Waverley Abbey in the summer term. Schools in the group are All Saints Tilford; Highfield South Farnham; Folly Hill; The Ridgeway; South Farnham; St Andrew’s Farnham; St Mary’s; Badshot Lea; St Polycarps; St Peter’s; Potters Gate; Farnham Heath End; Hale; William Cobbett; The Abbey; Waverley Abbey and Weydon Secondary School.

october 2013 001  Year 2 Tag Rugby Festival at South Farnham


Waverley Abbey Church of England Junior School

We have strong links with our local junior school, Waverley Abbey Church of England Junior School, Tilford for which we are a feeder school. Along with other infant schools in the area we work to enrich and broaden our children’s knowledge and learning, including valuable transition projects for year 2 as they prepare to move on to  year 3 at Waverley Abbey. The majority of our pupils transfer to Waverley Abbey for their junior education.

Waverley Abbey Church of England Infant School, Tilford