School Council


Our school council is democratically elected by classes to represent the children in school and give them a voice.

They aim to meet every 2 weeks to discuss and share ideas about the school.

Actions for the Spring Term 2017

New members elected. This term’s actions include planning a charity toy and book sale to raise funds for the charity Refugees Action. Children wanted to help after hearing about Ahmed, a child from Aleppo Syria

Actions for the Autumn Term 2016

New members elected. This term’s actions have included serving cakes at Macmillan Coffee Morning, planning  ideas for NSPCC’s Buddy’s Big Work-Out and for Feeling Good Week. They have also asked children what we could do to improve our school.

Actions for the Summer Term 2016

The School Council set out ideas for Friendship Fortnight in May to encourage everybody to be kind. They also reviewed the school and playtime rules and led an assembly on this - to make sure all the children knew what they were. They decided to monitor the building area (bug hotel) in the playground as they felt this could be a trouble spot at playtimes as everybody wants to play there.

Actions for the Spring Term 2016

New members elected from reception classes.

The school Council made plans for children’s choice assembly week and decided they wanted to encourage children to look after property in school. They started by monitoring how tidy each class kept its reading books and book corners. After a  few weeks they noticed an improvement and rewarded the school with an additional playtime.

Actions for the Autumn Term 2015

The school council worked together to plan ideas for assemblies which the children enjoyed. They also had ideas for Feeling Good Week and thought of games to help children have happier playtimes. They served cakes at the Macmillan coffee afternoon raising over £300.

Actions for the Summer Term 2015

The School Council led on ideas for Friendship Fortnight in May, which was overall successful. They would like to find more ideas to encourage children to play with ‘new’ friends. They have decided at the request of  year 1 child to have a mufti-day for the Nepalese Earthquake Appeal. They will be finding out what children think is healthy and unhealthy at school for the Healthy School Award.

Actions for the Spring term 2015

New members elected from Hedgehog Class.

The School Council reviewed the pupil’ questionnaire and were satisfied that children said they were happy and felt safe in school. They wanted to choose a mufti day and voted to have a pyjama day for bedtime story day during Book Week. This was a very popular decision which raised funds for Shooting Star Chase Hospice Charity and all the children enjoyed it. They would like to consider more charity fund-raising ideas next term.

Actions for the Autumn Term 2014

The new school council met to consider what they would like to do this year to make our school even better. They worked together to plan assemblies for children’s choice week and they also canvassed each class about what they enjoyed learning and what they don’t. Overall they found that children enjoy learning at Puttenham. Most children said they enjoyed everything but a few did not like handwriting or maths if it was too ‘tricky’. Finally they have organised Christmas Jumper Day to raise funds for Save the Children Charity.

Actions for the Summer Term 2014

The School Council have reviewed Friendship Fortnight and judged it to be a success. They would also like to buy a buddy bench and playground buddy hats to continue promoting friendship at playtimes.

They met with the SIAMS inspector, during our church school inspection and told him what they thought abour our school and what impact RE lesson and collective worship has.

Actions for the Spring Term 2014

New members elected from Squirrel Class.

The School Council helped Miss Guiton with her PE audit of the school. They found out that most children enjoy PE and particularly like learning games and being active. They also found out that children do not like to be cold so wondered if we could have a school tracksuit. Some children want even more sport. Miss Guiton thanked them for helping and will look into these ideas.

The School Council have also being helping with the new library. They opened the library during Book Week.

book week 2014 021

Actions for Autumn Term 2013

Their first focus was working with their classes to share ideas about what they want the new library to be like. They will also be choosing some of the new books for the library.