Puttenham Church of England Infant School

Puttenham Church of England Infant School


Our history curriculum aims to inspire children's curiosity to learn more about the past. We encourage the children to ask questions and discuss what they have discovered. We teach children to look at similarities and differences and to compare the past to how the children live their lives today.


We teach the curriculum objectives through topics and in a cross curricular way. We will foster an interest of how the lives and events of the past have an impact on what happens in society today. Through their interest and curiosity, the children will develop the historical skills of research, questioning to draw simple conclusions.


Our History topics include significant people and events from recent and more distant past from Britain and  the wider world. The children will be taught about similarities and differences from a range of resources, artefacts, historical research, trips (Haslemere and Guildford museum) and visitors. The children learn about our own local history when learning about Puttenham village.