Puttenham Church of England Infant School

Puttenham Church of England Infant School


Science at Puttenham CofE School is taught through a creative and purposeful curriculum. We build on the children’s enthusiasm, interests and natural curiosity of the world around them. We teach the skills of scientific enquiry such as asking and answering questions, predicting, observing, testing, recording, interpreting data and making simple conclusions. The children are given many opportunities in science and other areas of the curriculum to practice and embed the skills, knowledge and understanding they have learnt.


Science is taught through active engagement. The learning experiences children are given support the development of knowledge and understanding of the world around them and key scientific ideas. Children are encouraged to work as part of a team offering their own ideas and listening to the ideas of others with respect. Science learning helps children develop an awareness and sensitivity for the environment they live in and to take responsibility for their own health and safety, as well as those of others. We encourage children to develop an open mind so they understand that making mistakes and learning from them is a vital learning step. We place a great importance on developing the correct scientific vocabulary so children can explain their ideas and findings.


Whenever possible, we aim to carry out science outdoors. In Puttenham we are very lucky to have beautiful surroundings that offer great scientific explorations on our doorstep. This includes the allotment area, pond and forest school to connect their learning in the curriculum and everyday life. We also plan school trips to enhance the science curriculum such as Wisley Gardens, Painshill Park and The Look Out Discovery Centre.