Puttenham Church of England Infant School

Puttenham Church of England Infant School

Speaking and Listening

The ability to communicate effectively is vital to children's development in all areas of the curriculum.  The quality  of the language that pupils hear and speak are key to developing their vocabulary and grammar. At Puttenham, we understand the importance of this from the Early Years. The teaching and the learning environment will allow children to build on their language through play. In KS1 children will further develop their language skills through quality texts, discussions, drama, questioning and responding to what they see and hear. 


At the end of Year 2, the children are given an opportunity to apply their learning and demonstrate they have mastered the speaking and listening skills by participating in the Puttenham Speaking and Listening Award. The children will learn a short exerpt from a book, a poem and give a short presentation on a topic of their interest to an audience. They will show excellent speaking and listening skills by asking and answering questions. We are very proud of the children's learning and the award is a celebration of their achievements over the three years they have been at our school.