Puttenham Church of England Infant School

Puttenham Church of England Infant School

Reception Class

In order to make your child’s start to school as happy and reassuring as possible we have outlined things that you will need to know.



When acceptances are confirmed by Surrey Admissions we send all new parents information about the class their child will be in and the names of their class teachers. We invite all new children to class induction visits in the summer term as well as holding a welcome meeting for parents to come and meet the headteacher, staff and other new parents.


We ask parents to give us permission to contact and visit their child’s pre-school setting or nursery so that the class teacher can visit the child and meet with the nursery teacher.


Starting School

At the beginning of the Autumn term before the children start school we invite them to come for a visit with their parents. It is an invaluable opportunity for the children to renew their acquaintance with their teacher and her assistant before they start school. This also gives the parents an opportunity to have individual time to ask questions.


We stagger the start of school for new children so that they become familiar with the routine in small groups, which is more reassuring for them. For the first week the children attend part time (either morning or afternoon) and the following week are here until 3.00pm. Details are outlined in the parents information pack.


Meet the teacher

Within the first few weeks we have a meet the teacher meeting. This gives you a further opportunity to meet the teaching staff and learn more about the Early Years Curriculum and how you can help your child at home.


How you can help your child be ready for school

Before starting school there are a few things you can help to encourage their independence.

1. Teach them how to get dressed including being able to put their coat on and do up the zip.

2. Teach them to use a knife and fork.

3. Ensure they can use the toilet on their own and remember to wash their hands.

4. Enjoy sharing books, telling stories and singing nursery rhymes together.